Hypnotherapy is nothing to be afraid of.  You need not fear being turned into a clucking chicken or a waddling duck. That is not what Hypnotherapy is about. You will not lose consciousness or hearing, or experience any weird feeling. YOU will always be in control and are responsible for your own motivation and participation.

Hypnotherapy is about establishing the problem and its trigger/s. Through me guiding you into a deeply relaxed state and tapping into your sub-conscious mind we will positively resolve the problem.  

Do You Need Help With...

  • Quitting unwanted habits such as smoking and drinking?
  • Changing your undesirable eating habits and motivating yourself to aid in your health journey?
  • Improving concentration to achieve success in studies and career?
  • Increasing self-confidence?
  • Decreasing stress and anxiety?

School was stressful, and I had frequent panic attacks, particularly when I was unable to focus on my homework due to negative circumstances at home.  Through Hypnosis, Lynn helped me focus / concentrate on my homework and school tasks at hand.
Sleepless nights and sleep paralysis are a thing of the past! I was a little apprehensive at my first session of Reiki, but I began to sleep better and through the night from right after the first session.
I had a phobia (fear of the dark) for many years.  I experienced Lynn’s amazing healing techniques through both Regression and Hypnotherapy.  I would recommend Lynn to anyone looking for a positive change in their well-being.
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