Wellbeing Workshops

What are Wellbeing Workshops?

These workshops are great to help you to acknowledge where you are at in life and to release anything that doesn't serve you, promoting a sense of freedom and self-belief.

Workshops run from 1-2 hours (depending on the workshop) and can be on a variety of topics – Mindfulness, Journalling, Creating Abundance,  Uplifting & Motivating your Soul’s energy, and Balance & Harmony.

Balance & Harmony workshops may occur as a stand-alone workshop or utilise AO scanning technology (using bio-resonance frequency and electromagnetic signals to individually scan each participant to identify areas that may be out of balance, to help optimise health and reach a state of harmony and balance).

Remedies used during the workshops include:

  • Crystals - beautiful vibrational remedies from Mother Earth, that clear negative external influences and electromagnetic stress and reconnect us to a sense of Touch and ‘feeling’ while bringing the body into balance.
  • Essential Oils - that tap into our senses of Smell to allow us to breathe more fully into life.
  • Flowers / Plants Essences - that tap into our senses of Taste, to help balance emotional states.
  • Colours – help us rebalance our energy to all light frequencies and tunes us into our sense of Sight.  Colour assists us to change our perception and allows us to see life through different lenses.
  • Sounds – that help us achieve a state of relaxation but also move through the body to clear any blockages.
  • Affirmations - help us to manifest through our sub-conscious mind by repeating the affirmation/s.
  • Bio-resonance Frequencies – energetic frequencies for clearing and shielding our state of balance and energy.
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