‘Everything is Energy. Energy is Everything’

Kinesiology is a natural therapy which relies on non-invasive muscle-testing, to tap into the subconscious mind to identify the underlying cause and to unravel stress-holding patterns and blockages that are stored and reflected in the body.  It also determines the best remedy to clear any physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, psychological, energetic & spiritual imbalances.

Kinesiology is a way of letting go of what is holding you back, thus enabling your body to naturally heal itself from within and align you to your truth and the true essence that lives within you. It is a truly holistic approach to enable you transform your mind, body and soul.

All physical ailments are caused by metaphysical imbalances or blockages. When there are physical symptoms, disease, anxiety, stress, negative thoughts, or any type of emotional stressors, this is the body’s way of indicating a block in a person’s energy system.

Kinesiology can assist with clearing: addictions (food, smoking and alcohol), anxiety, fear, behavioural issues, communication issues, limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, poor self-worth, personal and work relationship challenges, emotional trauma, stress, grief, loss, learning difficulties, sleep disturbances/difficulties, self-sabotaging patterns/behaviours, negative energy/entity, loneliness/withdrawal, depressive thoughts, physical symptoms including pain, migraines/headaches, low or depleted energy levels, fatigue and a whole lot more.

Kinesiology can help bring: clarity, a mental-chatter-free-mind,  motivation, confidence/self-assurance, calm, peace happiness, acceptance, a sense of feeling uplifted, self-love, self-care, self-nurturing/nourishing, movement and flow in your life, self-fulfilment, general wellbeing and Element/Meridian/Chakra/ Transpersonal Chakra/Aura balances which in turn help your body's energy systems function much better.

Remedies used during a kinesiology session may include: Crystals, Essential Oils, Plant Essences, Flower Essences, Colour Therapy, Sound Therapy, Nature's Healing Chi, Elements/Chakra Balancing Oils or Sprays, Wellbeing Balancing Oils, Energy Healing, Meridian balancing, Acupressure Points, Emotional Stress Release (ESR), Frontal/Occipital Holding, Temporal Tapping, Clearing Spray, Incense, Palo Santo, Sage Smudging, Affirmations, Oracle/Healing Cards, Shamanic Healing Wand, Sacred Symbol Cards, Sacred Geometry, Crystal Pendulum, Crystal Gridding, Water Infusion/Cleanse and so much more.

School was stressful, and I had frequent panic attacks, particularly when I was unable to focus on my homework due to negative circumstances at home.  Through Hypnosis, Lynn helped me focus / concentrate on my homework and school tasks at hand.
Sleepless nights and sleep paralysis are a thing of the past! I was a little apprehensive at my first session of Reiki, but I began to sleep better and through the night from right after the first session.
I had a phobia (fear of the dark) for many years.  I experienced Lynn’s amazing healing techniques through both Regression and Hypnotherapy.  I would recommend Lynn to anyone looking for a positive change in their well-being.
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