Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshops

What are Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshops*?

These workshops are great to help you to acknowledge where you are at in life and to release anything that doesn't serve you, promoting a sense of freedom and self-belief. 

Each workshop runs for 3 hours with the option to stay for a relaxing 15-minute meditation at the conclusion. 


Do you want to feel confident and grateful; to attract abundance and prosperity, steady growth and success?

(clearing negative emotions of stress or worry about money, feeling stuck in generational money patterns or lacking abundance in life, and any negative belief systems relating to money)

Balance and Flow

Do you want to have a good work/life balance; to feel balanced, centred, focussed and free?

(clearing emotions of feeling stuck/trapped, exhausted, flustered, overwhelmed, stressed, and generally struggling with what is going on in your life)

Crystal Clear Head 

Do you want to have clarity/be clear headed; feel energised and calm?

(clearing negative emotions of feeling blocked, frustrated, overwhelmed, pressured, scattered, confused, troubled, worried, stuck in your head; tendency to self-sabotage; and if you regularly suffer from physical symptoms of headaches/migraines)


Do you want to feel like you are enough, feel worthy, have self-love, self-acceptance, hope and a purpose?

(clearing negative emotions of feeling alone, disconnected, sad, shutdown, grief, guilt, hurt, fragile, rejected, betrayed, unappreciated, unlovable, unworthy, and lacking self-love)

Mind-Body Energy

Do you want to have determination, drive, motivation, strength, vitality, and feel inspired?

(clearing negative emotions of feeling rundown or lethargic, foggy-headed, flat, exhausted, lacking in energy/feeling depleted of energy, tired, drained, unmotivated, unsupported; lack of self-nurturing)


Do you want to feel assured; be the driver of change in your life; focus on living in the present moment, feeling peaceful, calm, positive and confident?

(clearing negative emotions of feeling anxious or nervous, fearful, helpless, insecure, limited, stifled, lost, panicky, easily rattled; focussing on the negative; stuck in or tied down by limiting beliefs and thoughts or worrying about the future)

Switch Off and Sleep

Do you want to let go and feel calm, safe, settled, replenished, deep inner peace, harmony, and tranquillity?

(clearing negative emotions of an over-active/overthinking mind; feeling restless, burdened, stressed, distracted, uncertain, pushed, rushed, scared, scattered, tired, worried and worn out)

Uplift your Soul 

Do you want to feel connected, motivated, joyful, and uplifted?

(clearing negative emotions of feeling down, flat, hopeless, moody, depressed; disconnected, isolated, lonely, sad, tired of life, uninspired or unmotivated; negative self-image and feelings of not being enough)

Remedies used during the workshops include:

  • Crystals - beautiful vibrational remedies from Mother Earth, that clear negative external influences and electromagnetic stress and reconnect us to a sense of Touch and ‘feeling’ while bringing the body into balance.
  • Essential Oils - plant remedies that tap into our senses of Smell and Taste, to allow us to breathe more fully into life.
  • Colour - rebalances our energy to all light frequencies and tunes us into our sense of Sight.  Colour assists us to change our perception and allows us to see life through different lenses.
  • Affirmations - help us to manifest through our sub-conscious mind by repeating the affirmation/s.
  • Diet/Nutrition - foods to eat or avoid (common sense tips for general wellbeing only)

*Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshop Series is created by Denise Robinson, By the Bay Kinesiology.  I have been certified as an Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshop Facilitator to conduct these workshops.